by Shima Field

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Siren by Shima Field
© Shima Field, 2017
Written, Recorded, and produced by Shima Field

Recorded from 2014 to 2017, at various houses and appartments in -
Lincoln University, PA
Philadelphia, PA
Amherst, MA
Newark, DE
Keene, NH

Samples - Mimicking Birds, 'Bloodlines', Portishead, 'Glory Box'
Album artwork by Duncan Parcells


released March 16, 2017

Performed by Derek Cote, Shay Pilot, and Duncan Parcells
Cello performed by Brendan Cote
Violin performed by Gabe Miller
Backing vocals / sounds performed by Samantha Way
Upright Bass performed by Nathan Pence



all rights reserved


Shima Field Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Cells
On the wind,
Inky water.
Pushing waves,
Over the sea.
Crawled out of a cave,
And gave it a name.
Calm as fog.
You won't remember a thing.

Take the sleep,
Wrapped in a blanket.
Flooding the heavens.
Like drops from a spring,
And the calm that they bring.
All alone,
Will you remember a thing?

We've gone to far now,
To ever go home.
Remain in light.
Spread thin and red,
To leave the world surrounded.
Track Name: Welcome
Tuck away the windows.
All alone with our thoughts.
Rocks below the lighthouse.
One by one, we hold.

Down the rope.
Into the shadow, an open mouth groans.
Through the door.
Our shadows dance on the thick of the fog,
Gathered around just to see where we'd gone.
Track Name: Nothing
I'll make you breakfast in bed.
This would be easier if you weren't dead.
The fire's dying.
These eggs need frying,
And I've stopped trying,
And you're just lying still.
These walls are empty just like this glass.
The song stopped playing. I think the record scratched.
And now I'm sleeping in the basement.
Spiders are laughing and I'm just crying.

You made me feel like,
I deserved something.
You just can't do this.
I don't need nothing.
You made me feel like,
I deserved something.
You just can't do this.
I've never felt this.

I wrote these letters but I heard nothing,
And the water is still running.
I swore It's Christmas.
They ask for silence. I ask for numbing.
And now the day is wasted and the paint is dry,
And the plants are crying to be let inside.
There's someone out there. I feel them staring.
I'm not alone.

You made me feel like,
I deserved something
You just can't do this.
I don't need nothing.
You made me feel like,
I deserved something
You just can't do this.
I don't deserve this.
You made me feel like,
I deserved something
You just can't do this.
I don't need nothing.
You made me feel like,
I deserved something .
You just can't do this.
I just can't do this.

How could you do this?
You put me through this.
I just can't do this.
I won't get through this.
Why would you do this?
I just can't do this.
You never knew this.
This is new this is love.
Track Name: Ceremony
She says it's ghosts that live inside this place,
But that she's not afraid.
They're kids, in fact they take her mind off things,
That kept her wide awake.

It's a dying town,
And they're walking out.
With Ben-Day stares,
Brief loving words.

And I've got you now,
And You're in color now.
And you're younger now,
And you're in color now.

It lives inside the empty market place,
And comes out when we sleep.
We'll find who held on tight when we awake,
And who it dragged away.

It's a dying town,
It's a lonely town.
If no repair,
Leave me the ground.
Track Name: Fast Asleep
You're out tonight (x6)
Too late, Too late (x4)
You're out tonigh (x8)
Track Name: Leaves
It's been ten months or years or maybe more,
When I first took up and left from your front door.
From the window pain you howled, like a midnight snow white owl,
That my walking shoes would never be a cure.

Memories are going up in smoke upon the leaves,
And I cannot recall their summer shapes like winter trees.
My family calls upon me with words I do not know,
But I see myself a sudden change of mind begin to grow.

At fifteen years I first laid eyes on you.
Since then five years gone by and not a day that I was true but if it,
Weren't for the places spent apart with different faces,
Then I'm sure that five on five years wouldn't do.


I had a dream that we were married in the spring.
Your brother made for us a silver sunrise ring,
But I know that dream was wrong for when I praised you with a song,
I woke aghast! To remember I can't sing!

Now I'm lacing up my boots oh once again.
Out to find my one true love, my only firend,
And while your face it might have changed,
And while your name's been rearranged,
I hope to find you by the same still, by the same house, at the same childhood street end.


Drunk and tired,
wet and cold.
Bad hands only down to fold.
Pawned all dreams,
Sold that ring.
Snapped a shoelace,
Got too old.
Hanging on,
Fell off and rolled.
Dusted off,
Don't feel a thing.
Take me your way,
Let it sting.
Remind me of the love you bring.
The love you bring.
Track Name: While I Slept
Sun Down.
Unwrap our heads.
Pitch our tents.
You thought I slept.

You wen't out.
New tracks,
Of golden red.

Saw your trick,
To make us sick.
And do I say?

What then?
Hot sand.
A slow death.

Hold out,
Head down.
Hold out,
Track Name: The Cave
See the waves come in, and break up.
Tumbling down below the rocks.
There it goes,
and here I am,
Safe and sound,
In a room.

Carved out by the crashing shore.
Doesn't dare to touch my light.
Where you going?
Don't leave.
There'll be more,
Just give it time.

Here we are,
In the north.
In the south.
In the northeast.
Track Name: Your Best
Wake up sleepyheads, it's time to rise.
You must go to school and learn to read and write.
Now don't miss the bus, or else we'll have to drive.
We said okay, but we both know that's a lie.
Our half-grown bodies only make you sad.
You're the only reason, we're alive.

And you did your best, we know you really tried.
Your life is now a million times as bright.
And you're not alone when you're asleep at night.
We know you do your best, we know you really try.

You helped pack our things, and quickly say goodbye.
Your life begins anew. We barely know what you do but that's alright.
But when we hear your scream, we know it's not alright.
We tried to run, but did not get there in time.
The torn up body of one you once knew was hidden from our sight.

Well we did our best, you know we really tried.
Holding her, you whimpered and you cried.
And your screams they still keep me up at night.
We did our best, you know we really tried.

Mother with your saintly soul.
You've given us all we know.
But now it's time to let you go.
we all must live our lives.
Things you've told us all along.
Afraid to leave us all alone.
Terrified to hold that dying child.

We know you did your best, we know you really tired.
But in the end, everybody dies.
So before you give your final kiss goodnight,
We know you did your best, we know you really tried.
We know you did your best, we know you really tried.
Track Name: Still Life
Big Doll Eyes,
At what hasn't,
Like it's something,
To pull you out,
Of the oven,
And drag the past,
Through your basement.
It's such a waste.

Made some new ends,
Out of regrets.
It's the trap of motion,
Calling in the distance,
While the house falls silent,
And the beds stay tucked in,
It's the open stomach,
Of a dream that won't end.

All who I know,
But left in the cold.
Stare through their eyes,
Looking in from the snow.
All I know.

New construction,
Shedding young skin,
Into swollen rivers.
Dip your toes in,
Or crawl out of the cave, stagger onto the crumbling streets.
Cause you know where you are and you know where you wanted to be.
And you'll think it's all over.
You'll think it's all over,
But over is never in reach,
Cause you saw who you are and it's not who you wanted to be.